Pascal Box 3B - Balls Saver For Tennis - Padel - Frontenis

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Do you notice that your Tennis or Padel Balls are no longer playing properly?

Then you can do something about it now!
With the Pascal Box you keep the pressure in the balls for a longer period of time than in the normal ball sleeves.
Bullpadel presents its Pascal Box to improve the life expectancy of your balls. Indeed, you will be able to repressurize your balls after playing with them so that they keep all their qualities from one game to another. You will be able to hear the famous "psst" when you take your balls.
For its operation, this Pascal Box integrates a pump to put the tube under pressure. A gauge is present to help you set the proper pressure based on your balls.

  • High precision inflation system for padel, tennis and frontenis balls.
  • Capacity for 3 padel and tennis balls (4 of frontenis)
  • Maximum precision pressure gauge calibrated according to the official parameters of the International Padel and Tennis Federations
  • Lid made of high resistance fiberglass
  • Exclusive Pascal Box new improved sealing o-ring
  • Container made of high resistance polycarbonate
  • Easy-open system
  • 100% reparable: every component can be repaired or replaced in case of wear or breakage.
  • Contents of package: Pascal Box 3B, inflation pump (we supplu different models of pumps) and use & maintenance instructions
  • Designed and manufactured in Spain. Patents registered