Restring Services

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You can send up to 5 racquets in one order. (For more than one racket Contact Us).

Do you need restring your tennis racquet?

Send it to our expert stringers at JUST4Tennis. All of our stringers are Technicians Certified and will take great care of your racquet. Our racquet restring service is easy to use، Here are the steps to get started:

  1. Select your string and tension.
  2. Add the item to the cart.
  3. After payment has been made, you will receive a shipping label through email. (PLS check junk mail).
  4. Print shipping label.
  5. Deliver the racquet with shipping label to Aramex office.
  6. After the restring is done, we will send it to your address.

Our goal is to ship back your racquet within 48 hours of receipt.

You may also order additional merchandise to be shipped along with your restring order. JUST4Tennis will wait for the mail-in restring and ship the requested additional merchandise in one shipment when the restring is completed.