Shipments will be processed within one business day, if your payment is done by credit card or PayPal, and after sending a copy of your transfer statement to support email: in case of bank transfer.

What are the available methods of shipping and delivery ?
Delivery by Aramex (Inside Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region).

Does the shipping service include all the world ?

Shipping service currently covers Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region only.

Delivery by Aramex (Inside Saudi Arabia and Gulf region).

How long does delivery take ? How much does it cost ?
Delivery time takes 48-72 hours for those who are living in Saudi Arabia depending on the place of delivery and the cost SR 38 for all cities.
When you choose the method of cash on delivery, it will be added SR 45 on the shipping cost
For the Gulf states, the delivery time takes 5-7 business days and the cost is calculated automatically over the site starting from SR 120.

Are there any additional fees or customs duties on orders shipped ?

Some countries calculate customs duties on purchases, so the buyer must familiarity with this point because any fees are taken, the site is not responsible.

Are there any additional fees in case of cancellation an order that has been shipped upon the client’s request ?

The customer can cancel the order at any time and does not bear the return fees.