Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement :

User privacy considers one of the basic stuff which we are, however, we had to include the following items summarize the primary principles underlying our website’s privacy. So we call on every new user to read carefully sale agreement before filling-in the attached application, taking into consideration the terms and conditions of the Internet and the common practices among network users.

  • Just4tennis is fully committed to ensuring the confidentiality and privacy of using our services.
  • Just4tennis will not handle this information for unlawful or illegal purposes.
  • We are also committed to not disclose the contents of your emails and transactions.
  • We are fully committed to doing all the appropriate procedures for saving all the information and messages through protected secret safe systems.

Terms of Use :

Definitions :
  • Website URL :
  • Client : Any person who sends a purchase order within the site.
  • Shipping : the period that goods shipped to the client.
  • Bill of Lading : The number under which the client received the arrived goods from the shipping company.
  • Item : Any product offered for sale on the site.

The agreement conditions :

  • The client must pay the value of the selected item(s) by one of the available payment
    methods (see Payment Methods).
  • Just4tennis undertakes to provide the selected item during the period to be agreed upon with the client.
  • If the item is not available, the client will be notified within a maximum period of 24 hours.
  • Goods sold through the site are returned or replacement, in case of shipment packaging does not open within two business days of shipment delivery to the client.
  • Product prices are the same when you issued the purchase order, therefore any change or reduction would happen after PO issuing does not affect our purchase agreement, and then the buyer is not entitled to claim any amounts.
  • If the client wishes to cancel the order after the shipment is done, he will be charged any re-shipment fees.
  • Just4tennis is the controller responsible for the processing of the submitted data whether update, delete, or otherwise as we shall think fit without giving reasons.
  • Site laws shall be subject to the laws applicable in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • By using our website, you agree and abide by all the terms of this agreement.